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Night-time frustrations

So... my youngest is 3 and-a-half.  She's been fully potty-trained for at least six months... I don't know the exact date.  There were a few months where she had the odd accident... significantly more poop accidents than pee accidents, though... (odd, all the books had said that poop training comes first, and pee next... my oldest is 5 and she peed on the potty long before she got the other down pat... my youngest did the same thing).  But she eventually got it all down pat, her sticker calendar was full, and she's been proudly in undies ever since.
In anycase, she hasn't had any significant accidents in months, save one or two little oopses when she was playing with friends or watching a tv show and was too distracted to take time out to pee. lol.  You know how it is.
With my first, we went along with the theory that I read about how she's ready when her diaper starts staying dry all night.  I remember some frustration on and off, but eventually she got it, and I think she only ever wet her bed maybe twice, and it was months apart.  She got up in the night to pee since we first put undies on her overnight.
With my second, she showed interest in the potty first, so we taught her, and she took to it slowly but surely.  However... she was always wet in the morning... and when I switched her to undies it didn't stop.  Only one morning in a dozen, will she be dry.  The only thing that (usually) works is taking her to pee right before bed... and then physically waking her up 2-3hrs later when I'm going to bed, dragging her to the bathroom, lifting her onto the potty... and then telling her "It's ok, you're on the potty, go pee."  (lol... and THEN she'll go, once she's reassured that she's on the potty - go figure)... but this is all basically "in her sleep", even though I usually make her walk.  I theorize that if I make HER walk to the potty and wipe her own self, and pull up her own pants, and walk herself back to bed, that she'll subconsciously learn to do it by herself.  But it's not working.  Any time I forget to wake her and take her, or stay up later and don't come soon enough... she pees the bed.  She also will often pee the bed/sofa/wherever she fell asleep, if she takes a nap.  I think at first, she woke up one or two nights to take herself to the bathroom, but I'm honestly not even sure that's true.
I've also tried giving her only half a cup of juice/drink with dinner at night, and nothing to drink after that.... and somehow she'll still wet the bed even after going pee immediately before tucking in.  That doesn't even make sense! lol... *groan*
I'm at wits' end here.  I feel like I'm washing sheets every single day.  Actually, last week she came into my room sopping wet at about 2am, I changed her sheets, changed her clothes, sat her on the potty for a few min... and put her back to bed... only to have her wake up in the morning soaking wet again.  Two pairs of pj's and two sets of sheets (and pillow) in one night.  I couldn't believe it.  We took pull-ups camping when we went for a week last month... was the only way I could guarantee no wet sleeping bag/smelly tent.  I'm really tempted to buy a bag of pullups or goodnights or something for her to use at night, but I'm afraid that's just going backwards and making things worse...???
Any advice, PLEASEEEE!!! I'm going crazy and I don't know how to help her. :(
She's always so disappointed in herself and sad when she has to ask me for new undies. :(


She's a bit young for night time training. I know a few kids do manage to night-train early, but many are still in night nappies at four. I put my son in a night nappy every night until his fourth birthday, and then he trained very quickly, but I know he wasn't ready to take that step at 3 1/2 even though he was already day-trained.
Thanks :) I feel better about it, then. I think the biggest part of my frustration is from my first daughter being overnight-trained right away without me even having to think about it. And my friend's 2 yearold (boy) is already night trained. So when we visit there and she pees the bed, I have this irrational feeling like I've failed in some way, y'know? :)
Thanks for the reassurance


i heard docter say that its better to potty train later like 4 to 41/2 he said potty training early can cause pouptey quicker. so I recommand leave your child in diapers and start later
I put pull ups on my little girl at night time. She doesn't normally pee during nap time. But does at night. She's been wearing pull ups just to bed for about 6 months now. but in the morning she will take it off and put her undies on after she goes pee. Or when I just put her to bed after reading her book she'll say she has to go potty and we take her then she goes to bed.
I would just buy some pull ups for her at night time..or even during naps. we did that in the begining. she would just wear them at nap time or bed time and undies the rest of the day until she stoped peeing in them during nap time.
hope that made sense
it did make sense :) and I appreciate your input... I do feel better hearing from others that it's OK lol

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