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Potty Training at its best.

Hello everyone,
I actually teach at a daycare with the older two's or preschool prep children. potty training is our big goal for all of our kids.
Right now we have a system that every two hours (which can be a burden but trust me it works) we have them sit on the potty. we ask if they wet the diaper and ask if they would llike a new one. Then we remind them that we all use the potty. I dont know but maybe its is the constant routine or maybe its the choices but Its always works. Try it. But always remember instead of changing a diaper wherever bring them to the potty and have them sit and try. Eventually they will go. Give huge praise.


I wish this method would have worked for me. I tried it with my son, and it resulted in him being so lazy / unaware of his body's signals that he would never pee on the potty unless I sent him there - and if I didn't send him often enough he would just wet himself. He did eventually train at 3.5 years old, but aargh, I had started training him at 1.5!

What is the next step, how do you get them to start asking to go on the potty of their own accord instead of waiting to be sent? My second child is now a toddler and I have no clue how I am going to potty train her.
The routine is very important, don't give up on it!

But then augment with encouraging them to be big kids. To listen to their body, and to wear big-kid underwear.

Buy some panties for your daughter and show her that she's working towards them. And maybe get "Elmo's Potty Time" and have her watch it, and go over the parts with it. It has parts about how cool it is to potty (heh), that we need to listen to our bodies, and that everybody uses the potty.

March 2010

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