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I'm desperate

When I potty trained my son it was easy. At 2 1/2 he was fully potty trained. I just let him run around with nothing on at all and by the end of a week he was using the potty consistently. At the end of the week I put him in a pull up to go grocery shopping. He was so used to using the potty that he didn't want to go in the pull up and used the restroom at the store. I remember thinking, "Man, potty training is easy!"

When my daughter was 2 1/2 I tried getting her to use the potty. At the time she was diagnosed with PDD (a form of autism) and her therapists kept on saying that maybe she wasn't ready when she wouldn't use it. When she was 3 her diagnosis was changed to "developmentally delayed".

I'll try for about a week and then cave in to what everyone else is saying. "She's obviously not ready." So I'll wait a few months and try again. It's been a long, frustrating, and messy road.

In March she turned 4. I never thought she would be 4 and still in diapers. It's to the point where the diapers don't fit her anymore (we use size 6) and the pull ups are snug on her too. When she's home I have her in just undies and a shirt. At the school she goes to they put her on the potty every hour. I've asked if they would let her wear underwear if I send extra pairs of undies and pants to school with her. They said they'll let me know on Monday.

I'm so frustrated. I just don't know what to do anymore. I've tried everything. I'm to the point where I'm trying to use M&Ms as a reinforcer. For the record I HATE giving the kids candy. They only have it when someone else gives it to them (like my Mom who doesn't understand). I've never used a food reinforcer because I don't believe that they're healthy. But I'm desperate. I'm trying everything at this point.

My husband said that there's a book called "Potty train in just one day" and I'm thinking about getting it. Someone he works with suggested it. Has anyone used this book?

I need to do something. In September she'll start Kindegarden and I know she won't be allowed in school until she's potty trained.



while i have not used it myself, i did read reviews on it and from what i have read, i would skip it. the "trick" is you have to buy the special potty training doll and throw a potty training party for the idea to work which to me would be a waste of money. if yo are still interested i would see if your local library has it and get it from there rather than spend your money on something you might not like.
I found it on Amazon and read a lot of the reviews. I already knew about the party part and I think my daughter would get a kick out of it. But I'm not going to go all out. Also I'm not going to buy the doll. Some people in the reviews suggested using a regular doll and making it look like she peed or whatever.

I bought the book. After shipping I'm paying $5 for it. So it's no big deal.

I'm willing to try anything.
Thanks luv. It's funny but a few days after this post my daughter started using the potty. She's had a few accidents with pee but mostly uses the potty. She still wears a diaper at night (going to switch to pull ups when the diapers run out) and when we go out. She won't poop on the potty but I figure that eventually she will.

I've been giving her 3 M&Ms each time she uses the potty. I hate bribes with a passion but it's working. After the bag of M&Ms is done she's not going to get them anymore. I'm already weaning her off of them and now I'm telling her that she'll get them if she goes poop on the potty. We'll see.

I already bought the book. But I haven't read it yet. I'm thinking I might give it to a friend of mine who is going to start potty training her son in a few months. I bought it for $5 (that's including shipping) so it's no big deal.

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