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Nov. 27th, 2007


Need Some Advice

I am hoping that someone who reads this has had a similar experience or can offer some advice. I have a 3 year old son who until 5 weeks ago was potty trained. He took to it very quickly(I used the cheerios in the toilet trick). However, 5 weeks ago my husband came home from 17 month deployment and ever since Jackson has been having constant accidents. Well not technically accidents he is not wetting his pants he is just dropping his pants and (Going) anywhere he pleases. Ex. Target (fake tree section), he thought this was funny. Also in public, stores of all kinds and in the house. His pediatrician says that it will just take him some time to get used to having his dad home again and he is probably just confused about the whole situation and the problem will just correct it's self. I am not so optimistic, and my husband is feeling very guilty. We are spending allot of time together as a family and just trying to all get used to each other again. Especially me and Matt. But that's a situation for another time.
Thanks in advance for your comments.



getting there...

So we are finally getting somewhere with the potty training. She isn't completely doing it but we are staying dry in panties. I sent several pairs of panties and shorts to daycare for her teacher to help me with her. So far she has stayed dry there and pee-peed in the potty. At nap time she puts her back into a pullup and then they have play time after that so she keeps her mostly in the pull up in the afternoon but still takes her to the potty. At home she wants to wear her panties but she isn't peeing for me very much. She stays dry most of the time, we only had 1 accident over the weekend, but it is like she holds it until she gets a pullup back on. I am still kinda scared about letting her leave the house without a pullup on because she doesn't tell you when she has to go, you just have to remind her about it and then she will go sit on the potty. We did leave in a hurry Wednesday night and were gone for about 2 hours and she didn't have an accident. I was excited! Hopefully by the end of the year she will be completely trained. I know once we really started working with our son (he is now 5) he was good to go in about 2 weeks.

Nov. 8th, 2007



I need some more input.. not sure how to proceed from here

My daughter is not 32 months old. Over the past couple months she has shown some interest in the Potty.
So we started going to the potty.. And that would be where things get complicated for us.
She is really excited about wearing Big Girl Underwear, and all for it, eager to trade it in for diapers. And most the time when I remind her that we need to go potty, she'll cooperate and go sit on the Potty. Sometimes she has to go, sometimes she doesn't.
Yet, she won't go when she has to on her own. She'll go and pee in her pants. She doesn't make any attempts to stop, and run to the potty. She'll come AFTER she already peed or pooped in a diaper (whenever she's wearing diapers) and say she has to go potty though. and then she'll go sit on the potty and try, though by then it's obviously too late so no success at that point ...
When I remind her to go and she potties she's ecstatic and happy and proud of herself, and she's eager to go get her sticker and stick it on her chart.
I'm just hopelessly lost about the fact that if I don't remind her, she won't go by herself. Don't get me wrong, she's distraught by accidents, and not comfortable with them at all. I just don't know if the fact that she doesn't seem to realize when she has to go is really a sign that she may not be ready yet. At the same time she's the only girl in her Gymnastics class that's still in diapers, so I feel like developmentally speaking she SHOULD be ready for this... I'm just so lost on this. Please help!!!

Oct. 7th, 2007



Stick with it, or revert?

My daughter has been showing an interest in using the potty, and she'll come and tell me she has to use the Potty, or she wants to go Potty, etc..
Every now and again she actually has to go when she asks to, but most of the time it's after she had already gone in her Pull Up.
So I tried "Big Girl Underwear" yesterday, for a bit, and she loved wearing the real underwear, and was eager to, BUT when she had to pee she just peed, didn't go to the Potty.
Now, really, I can deal with that, but my question is - Is this just because the diapers/pull ups always absorbed it and so she just needs to learn the concept of things, or is this a sign she's just not ready yet?
I was debating on whether I should just ride it out, give it a week in underwear and see if she connects the urge with having to run to the potty, or what, but I don't want to just put her through this for nothing. KWIM?!
What would you do? Give it a few days of letting her experience the accidents and see if she makes the connection, or go back to Pull Ups and just take her potty whenever she asks to?


Sep. 26th, 2007



Hi, I'm new here.  My son has been potty learning for over a year now, starting when he was 15 months.  We did NOT push him into that young and we were as surprised as anyone that he brought it up.  One day he asked to pee in the potty and we certainly weren't going to say "no," so he we put him up there and he went.  We always let it be up to him, and over the course of that summer he got himself to the point of being completely trained as long as he was naked.  When fall came and it got colder he obviously couldn't be naked anymore and that was the end of him using the potty for a while, which was fine.  Come spring and the return of naked time he started again, and as of May he only wore a diaper at night.  He had a few periods of having accidents during that time, but always got himself back to the same level of nearly-doneness.  We never pushed him, never scolded him when he had accidents. 

Now, all of a sudden at 2.5, he's almost completely un-trained.  Unless we remind him to go he never uses the potty, even if he's naked.  He must wear a diaper for his nap, which he hadn't done since May.  He does usually ask to poop in the potty, but as of yesterday and this morning that seems to have fallen by the wayside too. Nothing has changed in our lives, no upheaval, nothing.  Just one day, about two weeks ago, he started having accidents.  They became more and more common until after a week it was like he'd never been trained.  I can't figure out what the problem could be.  We've tried just putting him in diapers again, thinking maybe he just needed a break or something, but he's perfectly happy in them.  We already use cloth diapers.  I know he's still aware of his functions because he'll tell us he's peeing in his diaper.  I'm sorry, this is all disjointed.  I'm just really starting to get frustrated and I don't want to give him a hard time.  But I don't really want him back in diapers full-time, either.  Please help!

Sep. 25th, 2007



Go time

My son turned 3 in mid-July, so he's a little over 3 years and 2 months. We know he's physically ready to use the potty, but he's very stubborn. He wakes up dry in the morning, we put him on the potty, and he asks for a diaper because he has to pee. He never has gone on the potty - just in his diaper. I made this very nice potty chart with places for stickers, and when he gets so many stickers he gets to go on a train ride. He loves the chart - carries it around the house with him - but that has not changed his mind about using the potty. We also got him a little potty chair, because he got nervous sitting on the insert I got him for the big potty.

I think he's just so used to going in his diaper because that's the only place he's ever gone before. This potty is strange and new, in spite of the potty books we read him and the Elmo DVD he watches. He gets it in theory, but he's afraid to put it into practice. He's the sort of boy who has always been hesitant about trying new things, but when he realizes he can do something, he's all about it.

My husband and I were talking about trying the get-rid-of-the-diapers and just-throw-him-in-underwear thing. Well today he calls me at work and he said "I'm sick of this. I put underwear on him. We're on our way to the park." :O I was kind of shocked by his unilateral decision, but now that its out there, we have to deal with it.

So my questions are:

1. any advice? Are there additional things I can do that will make success more likely?

2. my husband is nervous about continuing this at night. But I think we should go all-out. If we're going to do it, we should go all the way. He's not peeing in his diaper at night, so why still put one on him? If he's still around the diapers, he might try to hold it till bedtime or something, when he knows he'll get one. What do you think?

3. I think he's in danger of trying to hold it, which I understand can cause problems. Is there any way to prevent that, or should I not worry about it unless it happens?

Jul. 27th, 2007



I am new here.. my daughter turned two on the 24th of july.. i have attempted before to potty train her because she seemed interested in the potty.. and she has pooped and pee'd in the potty... but now she just likes to sit on the potty for fun.. and now she has started to pull off her diaper during the day.. we are pretty much at home all the time so she wears a shirt and a diaper and thats about it... i dont know if i should start potty training her or not.. im going to start part time college starting august 19 and then a part time job.... so do i start now and hope the day care follows through with it or what??? i need suggestions on how to potty train im a first time mom and i live with my parents but its been ages since they have potty trained... my older brother was potty trained by daycare.. i was potty trained by my aunt.. and my younger brother was potty trained by my parents but thats a  boy.... just need some help

Jul. 25th, 2007



wish the potty training could be done...

I am new here, but am also having problems with potty training. We bought my daughter a potty chair over 6 months ago. She seemed to be showing signs that she was ready to start using it. However there has been hardly any success. She is 2 years and 3 months old. She understands pee and stinky (that is what she calls it). She knows when she has done it, in her pull up of course. Just can't seem to get her to do it in the chair. She will tell me she has to go, i'll take her in there she sits on the potty for a second and hops up and says "I'm done." I tell her that she hasn't been on there long enough to do anything. But she still insists that she is done.
My other problem is that my husband is at home right now with our 2 kids during the summer. Which I feel would be a great opportunity to really work on it with her. Yeah, he says he does but I really don't think that he is actually taking her in there and saying okay lets potty. I think he just does it if she says something to him which isn't very often.
My son is 5 now and he was really hard to potty train and I thought it would be easier with her. Everyone always says that girls are easier. Someone told me to take her to the store and let her pick out a pair of panties and let her where them while we were at home. That way if she pottied in them she could feel how nasty that is. I haven't done that yet, but I did that with my son and I remember that it didn't bother him at all. He would still go in his underwear.
Anyone have and other sugestions??

Jun. 21st, 2007

Violet Incredible


Potty and bedtime

The kids (nearly 3½) are in the long process of potty training. Nick is doing WAY better than Emily. At school anyway. With me, they always say they don't have to go....but I'll work on that one.

My problem is, when it's bedtime and we're reading, Emily will say she needs to pee. Normally, she doesn't say, she just does. In her pants, that is. She also denies it if she has pooped, and chooses a diaper over a pull up most of the time (though I insist on the pull up, even if it IS basically the same thing...) A couple of times now she has said that she pooped and jumps up so we can go change her diaper. But when I check, there's no poo, so I make her go back to bed. She gets really upset, but I think it's because she's trying to prolong bedtime. When she tells me she needs to pee beforehand, I take her to the potty....and she just sits on the toilet. And sits. And sits..... Now, if she really needed to go pee, it wouldn't take her a half an hour to do so. And *I* want to go to bed!! I'm tired, can't stand there all night waiting for a tinkle.
She has peed before, she knows how and knows the feeling. Got very excited when it first happened. Now I feel she is just being stubborn.
So, I'm torn as to what to do. I want to encourage toilet use, but she's abusing the privilege! Or whatever...
Tonight she sat, didn't go. She had pulled the "I pooped" manuver, so I humored her and let her sit on the potty, hoping she might poop there. She farted, but no poop. Or pee. She said she wanted a candy (my MOM has been giving them candy when they potty...so-so when they are in training, but if they are going ALL day with no accidents, stop with the candy!! Yeesh...) So I told her if she pooped in the potty she could have a candy. A few minutes later she said she was done. No poop. No pee. She still wanted a candy and I said no. She was very upset, naturally. Even at this age she has the attitude that if it's something she wants, she's entitled to it, it's her right.

So...any suggestions on what to do about the potty break abuse? I'm fairly certain she is working me over and prolonging her going to sleep, but i also don't want to say "just pee in your diaper"....


Jun. 20th, 2007



I hate to say, but this is FRUSTRATING!

About two weeks ago my son, who is two, started telling me when he would pee, or when he would have to pee. So we've been trying to potty train him recently. As soon as he comes home from Daycare he takes his pants off and says "pee pee" and he goes to the bathroom, the bad thing is, he cries if I don't stay in there with him, but when he goes he GOES ALL DAY and sits there and does NOTHING. If I try to get him off the toilet, he cries. He switches between his potty chair, and our toilet (I have a little seat for him) and constantly says he has to pee pee, but never goes. I told Daycare I was trying to train him and so far every day, he has gone to the potty there, but I'm having no luck. I haven't seen his teacher to ask her what she is doing to get him to go. But he just won't go for us, he just wants to sit there all day and play with his penis. If I ask him not to touch it, he gets mad at me. Sitting in there all day is getting frustrating! Anyone else having these problems? Suggestions? :(

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