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Mommy Milk Doll

mothinflight in potty_training

potty training w/ a new baby in the house

I'd love some advice from some moms who have been there/done that!
our daughter is now 28m old.  back in May (so when she was 21m old) she started showing HUGE signs of being ready for the potty - learning how to undress/dress herself, waking up from naps/bed time w/ a dry diaper and washing her hands on her own. So we bought a potty and showed it to her - got some little books for the potty and voila! she started using it with great success!  she'd use it every morning and every after noon (after waking up) and sometimes before her bath.  this went on until about September or so - i was weeks away from giving birth to DD#2 and was put on maternity leave early - and i think that me being home all the time (not that i worked full time - i only work about 25hrs away from home) kinda threw her off.  soon i would ask her if she wanted to use the potty and she'd say NO and that's that.  
baby sister was born 10/29.  not once since DD#2 was born has our older daughter wanted to use the potty.  well, that's a lie - she sits on it and reads books but won't actually USE it.  9 out of 10 times if i ask her "do you need/want to use the potty?" she YELLS at me - NO!!!
so this is where i am:
-i don't want to push it on her at all.  i was hoping that her memory would help her - she was doing so well for a couple months and now it seems like she wants nothing to do with it.  but i don't want to push it on her and make it a BAD experience for her.
-i'm thinking that having a baby in the house is helping to keep her distracted from the potty.  perhaps in a few weeks i should try the potty again?  after the novelty of a baby wears off?  
- should i wait for her to bring it up again?  should i still be asking her if she wants to use it? 
- is she too young for me to be worrying about this?  my MIL keeps reminding me that DH was about 18m old when he was potty trained and his sister (My SIL) was not yet 2yrs old when she was potty trained.  but it seems like friend's children are more near 3yrs old and still learning ... so what gives?



I'd deffinatly say keep asking her. Keep encouraging her. I'll be running into that when my second child is born. My son will be 30-31 months old.
That sounds like my daughter. She was about 20 months old and showed all of the signs, bought her a potty and then she would use it. After about a month or 2 she completely stopped and I couldn't even get her to stay on it for longer than 2 seconds. I bought her some panties with her favorite characters on them and she started getting to where she would rather wear the panties than a pull up. So I explained to her that if she wore the panties she would have to sit on the potty. So far it has been working pretty good. We are about 3/4 potty trained now, of course she will be 3 the end of March.

I wouldn't worry about the age. Everyone has always said things to me like your MIL to you and I don't know many people that have had their kids trained before 2 years old. My son was a little over 3 when he finally would do it and it only took him about a week and then we had no problem. I have always been told that as long as you keep reasurring them to use it that they will decide when they want to do it all the time.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and good luck!
Ignore your MIL. :) Let your daughter decide when she's ready again. It's just asking for a lot of grief and frustration for you if you push her right now. My son was 2.5 yrs when my daughter was born, and we had the same issue. Ultimately, he wouldn't use the potty until it was completely his idea, and that came somewhere around 3.5 yrs. My daughter is now 2.5 yrs. and doing pretty well with potty training, but I'm not going to be surprised if she regresses soon--baby #3 arrives tomorrow! I figure I'll have enough to do with juggling the baby and the older kids--it's almost easier to deal with a toddler in diapers than a toddler potty training.

My approach is now to just suggest it every few weeks if they're not initiating it themselves.
Wait for the novelty of the new baby to wear off. My son un-potty-trained himself when I was pregnant with my daughter, who is now 8 weeks old, and it is only this week that he has started showing an interest in wanting to be potty trained again. Your daughter is too young for this to be a major worry. I had my son trained by 2 1/2, but he's now 3 1/2 and is back in nappies again, and apparently a lot of 3 year olds still wear nappies so I try not to worry too much about it.

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