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amethystrse in potty_training

So freeing

It is so freeing now that Kieriana (age 4) is potty trained. It hasn't been all that long really. We had been trying since she was 2 1/2. It wasn't conistent mostly because she just didn't understand or didn't seem ready. We would try for a week and after not having one single result we would hold off for a few months and then try again.

I thought she would never be ready. I kept on feeling like she would be wearing diapers when she was in kindegarden. However this just wasn't so.

When she was finally ready it was so easy. It happened without much effort. It was a bit messy the first week. But after that things just moved along and now she's fully potty trained.

All I did was something similar that I did with my son (who was potty trained before 3). With him I had him run around the house naked for a week. I did the typical putting him on the potty when he had an accident and repeatedly telling him that pee and poo go on the potty.

With my daughter I put her in underwear and did the same thing. Hence why it was so messy (pull ups don't work with my kids becaue they both felt it was just a different type of diaper). I also had been telling her every time I changed her that pee and poo go in the potty. Even now she'll tell me every so often what I had been telling her. lol

BTW...my daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was just 2 days past 2 years old. When she was about 3 1/2 they changed her diagnosis to developmental delay. She didn't start talking until she was about 3 (though she did sign language). So we had to sign "potty" when we started teaching her about it.

Anyway, if she could do it then others who are having trouble could too. :)


March 2010

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